Sunday, January 30, 2011


Picture of a banner in the temple

It is a great pleasure for me to share Lord Sri Viswaroopa Lakshmi Narasimhar's picture. By the grace of the Lord, I had a darshan of HIM in Kattavakkam, and also had a chance to see the Thirumanjanam (abishegam) of the LORD.

The Lord is gigantic and has an amazingly smiling face. The Lord is seated (VEETRIRUNDHA THIRUKOLAM) with his consort, Goddess Lakshmi on His left lap. She is embracing Him with Her right hand and holding a lotus flower on Her left hand. The Lord holds Sudharshana Chakra on His back left hand and bow-and-arrow on His back right hand. This indicates His intention of holding the bow and arrow in His subsequent incarnation as Lord Rama.
His forehands show Abhaya Hastham (indicating that the Lord will come to the rescue of the devotees) and Varada Hastham(pointing towards his feet conveying to the devotees that the Lord will come to the rescue of only those who fall at his feet, i.e., total surrender) postures. He has three eyes, the third one is in His forehead and the Adhisesha above His head is with seven hoods. Each hood has a crowning and sparkling Nagarathnam above it.

Visit this holy temple with your family, friends and relatives and get Perumal's blessings.

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Post adapted from Shri.K.S.Jegannathan's "Narasimha darshanam"


  1. the lord so huge ? I read in the site that the samprokshanam is scheduled for May could u see the moolavar also ?

  2. He is so huge... and gigantic... He is installed and other works are in progress.

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