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திருநிலாத்திங்கள்துண்டம், Sri Nilathingal thundanathan temple,Thirunilathingal thundam,கண்ணுக்கினியன கண்டோம் 13,108 திவ்யதேசம், KANCHIPURAM DIVYADESAMS, தொண்டைநாடு திவ்யதேசங்கள்,
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Divyadesam - Thiru Nilathingalthundam  (Kanchipuram)
Moolavar - Sri Nilathingal Thundathan Perumal, Chandrasooda Perumal
Thaayar - Naer oruvarillavalli, Chandrasoodavalli, Nilathingal thundaththaayaar (No separate shrine)

Vimanam - Purushasuktha Vimanam
Theertham - Chandra Pushkarini
Prathyaksham - Lord Siva and Parvathi
Mangalasasanam - T
hirumangai Azhwar -1 Pasuram

நீரகத்தாய்! நெடுவரையின் உச்சி மேலாய்!
நிலாத்திங்கள் துண்டத்தாய்! நிறைந்த கச்சி
ஊரகத்தாய் ஒண்துறைநீர் வெஃகாவுள்ளாய்
உள்ளுவார் உள்ளத்தாய்! உலகமேத்தும்
காரகத்தாய்! கார்வானத்துள்ளாய்! கள்வா!
காமரு பூங்காவிரியின் தென்பால் மன்னு
பேரகத்தாய்! பேராது என் நெஞ்சினுள்ளாய்!
பெருமான் உன் திருவடியே பேணினேனே
           - திருமங்கை ஆழ்வார் - திரு நெடுந்தாண்டகம் (2059)

Pournami poojas, Purattasi Saturdays, and Vaikunda Ekadasi

About the temple (Sthala puranam) - The temple is located 'inside' Ekambareswarar Temple. Moolavar “Nilatthingalthundathan” blesses the devotees in the first prakara in Nindra Thirukkolam, standing posture, under the Purusha Suktha Vimanam, facing west, with 'abhaya hastham'. There is no separate shrine for Thaayar. It is believed that Thaayar is merged with Perumal. Poojas are being performed by Saivite Shivacharyas.

Once Goddess Parvathi was  doing penance under a mango tree here. To test Her devotion, Lord Shiva opened His third eye and set fire on the tree. Parvathi prayed Her brother Vamana murthy, and  Vishnu saved her by the cold rays from HIS eyes on Her, and also the tree turned green again. As Perumal showered HIS cold rays on Parvathi, cut the hot rays and cooled the heat emitted by Lord Shiva's third eye, HE is being worshipped as “ Nila Thingal Thundathan”. Another story says, when Shiva drank the poison while churning the milky ocean for nectar, Perumal was pleased and showered His cold rays of 'kataksham' as cool as of the full moon, on Shiva, hence HE is being worshipped as "Nila Thingal Thundathan".

People suffering from skin and stomach diseases and who have excess body heat pray to this Perumal and get cured.

Temple Timings:

6 am to 11 am ; 5 pm to 8 pm.

Temple address: 
Nilathunda Perumal Thirukkoil,
Car St, Periya Kanchipuram,
Nilathingal Thundam, Kancheepuram - 631502
Kancheepuram District.

Tamil Nadu.

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  1. I haven't heard of this temple.You have described very well.I hope I shall be able to visit and offer prayers here