Thursday, June 18, 2009


Briefly indicated, the spiritual idea behind the 30 songs of Tiruppavai is this:

1) The time and the hour being propitious, the Jivatma after age-long bondage begins to get a taste for release. Release is only the negative aspect and the SriVaishnava Siddhanta, which postulates God-realisation as the ultimate release and home for all the Jivas, insists upon a taste for God. This taste for God (நீராடப்போதுவீர் போதுமினோ) is the only pre-requisite condition for pursuing the means of realization. And when that appears in the individual, there appears in God what has always been present, in a dormant state, the will or the sankalpa to give the Jiva succour.( நாராயணனே நமக்கே பறை தருவான் ). It has already been said that Parai indicates Purushartha, that for which the human heart longs. So, Tatva, Hita and Purushartha are all indicated even in the first stanza.

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