Thursday, June 18, 2009


19 and 20) திவ்யதாம்பத்யம் : The truth about the Divine Couple. Surpanaka wanted Rama without Sita. Ravana wanted Sita without Rama. The fate that overtook both of them is a matter of history. The mistake of both is scrupulously avoided and it is made clear here that Sri and Narayana together are the hope and the joy of the individual soul. The goal of human endeavour is , that wonderful blend of திரு and மால். It is noteworthy that the last stanza of Tiruppavai winds up with this திருமால் note. We have to obtain that திருமால் only by the grace of that திருமால். So, the Divine Couple have got a couple of stanzas to Themselves here.

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