Thursday, June 18, 2009


2) What are the actions which we can pursue and what are those that we have to eschew? The answer is given in the second stanza. Sing His glory (பரமனடி பாடி ). Don’t do what ought not to be done(செய்யாதன செய்யோம் ). The rigours and mortifications of not eating ghee, milk etc., which are set out in this stanza indicate the Vairagya or spirit of renunciation of the pleasures of the world which must be present in every Mumukshu desiring the pleasures of Moksha. No one can serve God and Mammon together. But, it will be seen that in stanza 27 all these objects of pleasure, - milk, ghee etc., are wanted. That is as part of God-realisation. We do not want it for us but with you we shall have all that and more. Just like Vibhishana taking up,at Sri Rama’s behest, the kingdom of Lanka which he had spurned before.

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