Thursday, June 18, 2009


27) An even more symbolic stanza. The pleasures that follow in the wake of God-realisation. The wrist ornaments (சூடகம்) are indicative of the anjali of folded hands. Nammalwar says தேசமான அணிகலனும் என் கைகூப்புச்செய்கையே. (There is no brighter ornaments to You or to me than my hands folded in supplication). As the anjali is best placed on the head, this ornament is referred to as சூடகம் that which is worn on the head. தோள்வளை signifies the marks of Chakra and Shanka on the right and left shoulders. Every Sri Vaishnava bears these symbols. தோடு is Ashtakshara. செவிப்பூ is Dvaya. பாடகம் is Charama sloka. These are the ornaments that adorn a true Sri Vaishnava. Beautiful dresses and sumptuous feasts have also a place once you realise that the body is the temple of God and not your property.

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