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Apart from Divya Desams, there are famous Vishnu Temples known as Abhimana Sthalam/Desams and Purana Sthalam/Desams. Srimushnam is Purana Sthala.
Srimushnam is one among the eight Swayamvyakta Kshetras. It is located about 40 kms from Chidamabaram and 20 kms. from Vriddhachaam. 

Perumal: Adhi Varaha Perumal - Standing posture Thirumugam facing south, Thirumeni facing west, Aswatha Narayanan
Urchavar - Yagna Varahar
Thayar: Ambujavalli Thayar
Theertham: Nithya Pushkarini
Vimanam: Pavana Vimanam

Srimushnam's presiding deity is 'Lord Bhuvaraha', and the sthalam is known as 'Varaha Kshetram'. Moolavar murthy is small but very beautiful. The Lord stands majestically with His two hands on the hips, and it is believed that worshipping the Lord in this form shall lead to salvation. Utsavamurthy is a saligrama shila and called 'Yagna Varahan. Sri Yagnavarahamurthi has conch an chakra and graces alongwith His consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi facing west. Santhanakrishnan also graces us near Utsavamurthy. As HE is a Varaha (boar), HE likes to eat korai kizhangu. Therefore, a sweet dish made from korai kizhangu is offered to the LORD.

There is a the separate shrine for Thayar. Thayar graces us with her affection. There is a separate shrine for Saptha Kanyas also.

Sthalapurana: Legend says that Lord Vishnu who took the form of Varaha (a boar), killed Hiranyakshan, brought back the earth and appeared here as a Swayambu idol. It is believed that the Pushkarini (temple tank) was formed with the sweat emanating from his body after his battle with Hiranyakshan. Before dying, Hiranyakshan pleaded to the Lord to turn to his direction. So, to fulfil his last wish, the Lord turned his face and seen turned in the direction of the asura towards the South. That is why HIS Thirumugam is facing south and HIS Thirumeni is facing west. It is said that Lord Vishnu resides in Srimushnam in three forms - the 'Ashwatha tree', 'Nithya Pushkarani' and 'Bhuvaraha Swamy'.

The kings of Vijayanagar Empire renovated the temple and constructed mandapams. There are inscriptions of Chola and Naicker kings who renovated and constructed the temples. Beautiful paintings are also seen. The 'Purushasuktha Mandapa', the 16 pillared hall is a masterpiece of Vijayanagara Dynasty architecture built by Achutappa Nayak (1560 - 1614 CE). There are exquisite stone sculptures. The pillars are architectural marvels carved from a single block of granite. Aesthetics of the long-braided traditional South Indian lady sculpture is amazingly beautiful. The sculpted lady's braid, posture, the frills in her dress, ornaments, is really amazing. The ceilings have beautiful flower designs. 


This is a Prarthana Sthalam for the unmarried. This is also a prarthana sthalam for childless couple. Childless couple pray here and are blessed with children soon. There is a huge 'Ashwatha tree' near the pushkarini. Childless people take bath in the temple tank and go around the Arasa maram (Aswatha tree) and then pray Varahar to get a child. The temple pond's water is known for its medicinal value. One who chants Varaha kavacham 108 times near Nitya Pushkarini is believed to get back lost things. People who buy new vehicles do the pooja here. Also vehicles involved in accidents are brought here after repairs and pooja is done before using them again.
One should visit this temple at least once in his lifetime and experience the grandeur of the temple, the beauty of the Boar faced Lord, the Lord’s Utsava idol, and the Goddess of love, beauty and affection. 

Festivals: Theppotsavam, Brahmotsavam, Varaha Jayanthi

Temple timings: 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m
Address :
Sri Bhoovaraga Swamy Temple,
Sri Mushnam ,
Cuddalore (Dist) - 608 703

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