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Moolavar : Sri Yatokthakari Perumal, Sonnavannam seidha Perumal,
Thayar : Komalavalli Thayar
Theertham : Poigai pushkarini
Vimanam: Vedasaara vimanam
Pratyaksham: Brahma, Poigaiazhwar, Boothathazhwar, Kanikannan
Mangalasasanam: Thirumangai Alwar, PeiAzhwar, Thirumazhisai azhwar, Poigai azhwar, Nammazhwar

பொருப்பிடையே நின்றும் புனல்குளித்தும், ஐந்து
நெருப்பிடையே நிற்கவும்நீர் வேண்டா - விருப்புடைய
வெஃகாவே சேர்ந்தானை மெய்ம்மலர்தூய்க் கைதொழுதால்,
அஃகாவே தீவினைகள் ஆய்ந்து (2357) - பேயாழ்வார்

The presiding deity(moolavar) 'Sri Yatokthakari Perumal also known as 'Sonna Vannam Seidha Perumal' gives darshan in Kidantha Kolam, 'Bhujanga Sayanam' 
facing west. The speciality of this temple is The Lord reclines in the right to left direction. Usually 'Sayana Perumal' is seen lying with head of the left side in all the temples. He is holding a lotus in a very elegant way in his right hand. Humbled Saraswathi is seen with folded hands at the Lord's feet. 

There are separate shrines for Thayar and Andal.
About the temple: Sthala puranam - Legend says, once Brahma performed a yagna in this place and avoided Saraswathi. Saraswathi took the form of river Vegavathi and flowed fast to wash away the yagna. Vishnu reclined Himself across the river Vegavathi and blocked the flow of the river and helped Brahma to finish his yagna. On seeing Vishnu lying on Her way, Saraswathi felt shy and lost her anger. Hence the name 'Vegha Sethu' for Perumal. 'Vegha' later became 'Vekka', and the Kshetra is called 'Thiruvekka'. 

Another interesting story says, Kanikannan, a disciple of Thirumazhisai azhwar, was called by the king and asked to sing poems praising the king.  But, Kanikannan refused to do so and said he will not sing any song praising any human except his Guru and his Guru also will praise only the Lord. On hearing this, the king got angry and ordered him to get out from his kingdom. Kani Kannan explained to Thirumazhisai Azhwar about the happenings in the palace and started to get out of Kanchipuram. On seeing this, Thirumazhisai Azhwar also followed him. He sang a poem in which he said Kanikannan is leaving and asked Lord Vishnu to get up from HIS bed (Adhiseshan), roll it, and asked the Lord also to come with them. The Lord also followed them. The king realised his mistake and pleaded them to return to Kanchi.

“கணிகண்ணன் போகின்றான் காமரு பூங்கச்சி
மணிவண்ணா நீகிடக்க வேண்டா-துணிவுடைய
செந்நாப் புலவனும் செல்கின்றேன் நீயும் உன்றன்
பைந்நாகப் பாய் சுருட்டிக் கொள்”

All the three returned to Kanchi. While returning, Thirumazhisai Azhwar again sang a poem in which he said Kanikannan is returning back and asked Perumal to again wind up HIS bed and return to the temple. 

“கணிகண்ணன் போக்கொழிந்தான் காமருபூங் கச்சி
 மணிவண்ணா நீ கிடக்க வேண்டும்-துணிவொன்றிச்
 செந்நாப் புலவோன்யான் செலவொழிந்தேன் நீயுமுன்றன்
 பைந்நாகப் பாய் விரித்துக் கொள்”

On hearing this, Vishnu rolled HIS bed (Adhisesha) and came back to Thiruvekka temple. In a hurry the Lord reclined in the reverse direction. Hence He gives HIS seva in a unique reclining posture from right to left with head on the right side. As Perumal obeyed the words of Thirumazhisai Azhwar and did what he said, HE is called as "Sonna Vannam Seidha Perumal". 'Sonnavannam seidha' means obeying and doing what was told.
Thiruvekka is the avathara sthalam of Poigai azhwar. 'Poigai' is pond in Tamil. It is said that Poigaiazhwar was born in the pond near this temple and hence the name. 

Temple timings: 7 am to 10.30 am and 5 pm to 8 pm.

Sri Sonna vannam seitha perumal temple
Aanai Katti Street

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