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108 திவ்யதேசம், KANCHIPURAM, TEMPLE VISITS, கண்ணுக்கினியன கண்டோம், தொண்டைநாடு திவ்யதேசம்,

Thiru Ooragam, is the main temple and the temple is known as Ulagalantha Perumal temple. The other three temples Thiru Neeragam, Thiru Kaaragam, Thiru Kaarvannam are located inside Ulagalantha Perumal Temple complex. So, there are four divyadesams in this complex. Tirumangai Azhwar has praised the Lord with his Mangalaasasanam hymn in one verse covering all the four temples. 

நீரகத்தாய் நெடு வரையின் உச்சி மேலாய்
நிலாத் திங்கள் துண்டத்தாய் நிறைந்த கச்சி
ஊரகத்தாய் ஒண் துறை நீர் வெக்கா வுள்ளாய்
உள்ளுவார் உள்ளத்தாய் யுலகமேத்தும்
காரகத்தாய் கார்வானத்துள்ளாய் கள்வா
காமரு பூங்காவிரியின் தென்பால் மன்னு
பேரகத்தாய் பேராது என் நெஞ்சின் உள்ளாய்
பெருமான் உன் திருவடியே பேணினேனே – திருமங்கையாழ்வார்

Moolavar : Ulagalanda Perumal, Trivikrama Perumal
Urchavar : Peragathan
Thayar : Amudavalli Nachiar, Aaranavalli,
Theertham : Sesha(Naga) Theertham
Vimanam: Saarasreekara vimanam

Pratyaksham: Mahabali
Mangalasasanam: Thirumazhisai azhwar(2059,2064,2673(70),2674(128)) and Thirumangai azhwar(814,815)

Moolavar “Trivikrama perumal also known as Ooragathan” is in standing posture facing west, gigantic and majestic about 30 feet high, with two fingers on His left hand stretching out, indicating HE has measured two lokas and one finger in right hand as asking Mahabali where to keep HIS third step. The left leg is stretched up and the right foot is on Mahabali's head. There is a separate shrine for Thayar. There is only one Thayar sannidhi for all the four Divyadesams.

Sthalapurana says, During Trivikrama avathar, Mahabali could not have the complete full form darshan of the Lord as he was under HIS foot and in Padhala loka. He requested Lord to give HIS darshan. The Lord took the full form of Ulagalandha perumal to fulfill Mahabali's wish. This was too big and as he could not have the proper darshan of the Ulagalantha roopam, Mahabali again requested HIM to give darshan in a smaller form and hence HE also took the form as Adiseshan. This Lord is known as 'Ooragathan'. This is a small sannidhi and 'Ooragathan' is seen in the wall, adjacent to the sanctum sanctorum. Ooragathan is said to fulfill the wishes of unmarried and childless couple. This temple is famous for payasam. People with sarpa dosham, childless couple and unmarried come here, worship Ooragathan, and offer ‘payasam’ (milk kheer) to Him and partake the payasam prasadam. It is believed that they will be relieved of all doshams.

When I asked the priest about Ooragathan, he said Mami, for Vaishnavas everything is 'Bhagavad Sankalpam' and we need not ask anything to HIM. Yes! Faith in HIM and total surrender! 

Ulagalantha Perumal and Ooragam are together considered as one Divyadesam.


Moolavar : Jagadeeswara perumal
Thayar : Nilamangai thayar
Theertham : Akrura theertham
Vimanam: Jagadeeswarar vimanam
Prathyaksham: Akrura
Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaiyazhwar (2059)

Water(neer) is essential to life on earth. Water flows even through a small hole. Similarly Lord flows  into the hearts of devotees and fill their soul with devotion. Hence the name "Thiru Neeragathan and Jagadeeswara Perumal".

Moolavar : Karunakara perumal
Thayar :Padmamani  thayar, Ramamani thayar
Theertham : Agraaya theertham
Vimanam: Vamana vimanam
Prathyaksham: Kaarha maharishi
Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaiyazhwar(2059)

Clouds give rain to the world and does not expect anything in return. Similarly, Perumal is dark as clouds (kaar) and does not expect anything in return and showers HIS karunai (courtesy) to the devotees. Hence the name "Karunakara Perumal and Thirukkaaragam". HE is seated on Adisesha, facing south, with four hands and left leg folded.

Moolavar : Kaarvaanar, Kalvar
Thayar : Kamalavalli thayar. Thamaraiyaal
Theertham : Gowri thadakam, Tharathara theertham
Vimanam: Pushkala vimanam
Prathyaksham: Goddess Parvathi
Mangalasasanam: Thirumangaiyazhwar(2059)

Moolavar Kaarvanar, also called as Sri Kalvar is facing the west, in standing posture. The sky with black clouds gives rain to the world  for all the living things to survive. Sriman Narayanan is the sky with black cloud and helps all living things to survive. Hence the name "Kaar Vaanakkalvar".

Other sannidhis: Vishwaksenar, Garudan,Andal,Alwars and Acharyas 

Festivals: Brahmotsavam, Navarathri, Vamana Jayanthi

Temple timings: 7 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm

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