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Apart from Divya Desams(108), there are famous Vishnu Temples known as Abhimana Desams(29) and Purana Desams(20). Thillaivilagam is an Abimana sthalam.

Thillaivilagam is one among the Pancha Rama Kshetrams. It is about 20 km south-west of Thiruthuraipoondi. Thillaivilangam, Vaduvur, Paruthiyur, Mudikondan, Adambar are the five kshetrams known as Pancha Rama Kshetras. All the 5 located in Thiruvarur District.

Moolavar : Veera Kothandarama facing east in Standing Posture alongwith Sita, Lakshmana and Dasa Anjaneya.

Sri Veera Kothandaramar Temple is a beautiful shrine located at Thillaivilagam. Garudazhwar stands opposite to the sanctum sanctorum. 

This is a kshetra where Panchaloka idols are the presiding deities (moolavar). Kothanda Ramar is seen with His consort Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman. Lord Rama is so beautiful. Moolavar is about 4 ½ feet tall and stands (Nindra thirukkolam ) majestically with a beautiful smile. HE is seen holding a bow in His left hand and an arrow with the inscription ‘Ramasaram’ in His right hand. Lakshmana stands to the left and Goddess Sita is in Kalyana Kolam to the right of the Lord. Anjaneya is seen near Sita in Dasa (humble) posture with his right hand closing His mouth. 

The priest shows karpoora aarthi and narrates the distinctive features of Rama. Kothandarama graces us in ‘Tribangi’ Seva (a rare three different curves posture), in the neck, hip and leg. He shows us the close look of Rama’s hands. I was awestruck!! We were able to see HIS distinctive sharp fingers, nerves, ring and sharp nails just like a human hand. In HIS right hand HE holds a special arrow known as ‘Rama Saram’. The arrow has an inscription ‘Rama Saram’ in it. It is said that Rama used this special arrow only thrice, during Kakasura vadham, Vaali vadham and Ravana vadham. The priest also says that in other kshetras Rama holds the arrow named 'ardha chandra banam'. Rama is holding the bow in his left hand. We can clearly see the knee cap, the green nerves and moles on the legs of the Lord. On His left leg, there is a Raksha which is said to be tied by mother Kausalya when Rama was young to protect HIM from evil forces!!! There is a santhanakrishnan idol also.

Legend: This is said to be the place of Bharadwaja Maharishi. After defeating Ravana, Lord Rama on His way to Ayodhya, stayed here in Bharadwajar’s ashram. Rama asks Hanuman to go before and convey to Bharatha that they are on the way to Ayodhya. Hanuman accepts it humbly and hence seen in the Dasa posture.

About the temple: It is said Rama came in the dream of Velu Thevar and asked him to construct a temple for HIM. After that Velu thevar started digging at various places. These Pancha Loka idols of this temple were found buried while digging the ground to the west of the temple. The temple is also built by Velu thevar. The Bhattar and his father are performing selfless service at the temple.

There are beautiful paintings on the walls of the temple.
There are three pushkarinis named Rama theertham on the back side of the temple, Sita theertham and Hanuman theertham. Adjacent to this temple, there is a Nataraja temple and hence the name Thillaivilagam.
Festivals: Rama Navami, Hanumad Jayanthi, Krishna Jayanthi, Navarathri, Vaikunta ekadasi. ‘Deer Vahana’ Procession on the 11th day of Rama Navami is a special feature. Rama Pattabhibhisekam is performed during the Ramanavami Utsavam and on that day, Lord is seen with a special crown.

Aadi Amavasai and Thai Amavasai days are sacred at this temple. Couples who bathe in the temple tank on either of these two days are believed to be blessed with children.

Our route:  Mannargudi - Thiruthuraipoondi - Muthupet via car.

Temple timings: 8 am -12 pm and 5 pm - 8 pm

Arulmigu Veera Kothandaramaswamy Thirukkoil
Thillaivilagam - 614 706

Tiruvarur Dist.

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