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Moolavar : Perarulalan, Devathirajan, Devaperumal
Thayar : Perundevi Thayar, Mahadevi
Theertham : Ananda Saras, vegavathi pushkarini
Vimanam: Punyakoti vimanam, Kalyanakoti vimanam
Pratyaksham: Brahma, Bhrugu, Naradha, Adiseshan, Gajendran
Mangalasasanam : Bhoothathazhwar, Peyazhwar, Thirumangai azhwar

அத்தியூரான் புள்ளை யூர்வான் அணிமணியின் 
நித்திசேர் நாகத்தின்மேல்
துயில்வான் மூத்திமறையாவான் மாகடல்
இறையாவான் எங்கள்பிரான்.
- பூதத்தாழ்வார்

About the temple - 'Kovil' by itself refers only to Thiruvarangam Temple. 'Perumal kovil' by itself refers only to Kanchipuram Varadaraja Perumal temple. The Kshetra is called 'Satyavrata kshetra'. The temple is also known as 'Hasthigiri/Athigiri'. The place derived the name Athigiri as Airavadam elephant took the form of mountain and bears Perumal on him. There are 24 steps to reach Athigiri. The 24 steps in the temple represent the number of letters of Gayatri mantra. Moolavar Lord Varadaraja Perumal graces us in Nindra thirukkolam, standing posture, facing west. Perumal is also called as Athigiri Arulala Perumal, Devaraja Perumal, Devathirajan, Perarulalan.

While coming out of the sannidhi one can see a small shrine for lizards. Two lizards, one golden lizard and one silver lizard is carved on the ceiling alongwith Sun and Moon. Devotees touch these lizards. It is believed that one will be relieved of all diseases and doshas if one prays to Lord Varadharajan and touches these lizards on the way out. It is also believed one will be free of sin by touching same.The Sun and the Moon are witness to your visit and touching the lizards.

Legend says, once two sons of Sage Brungi who were the disciples of the sage Gautama brought water to their Guru to perform pooja.  There was a lizard in the water which they did not notice. The sage cursed them to turn into lizards. When they sought a relief, the sage asked them to go to Kanchi. They reached Kancheepuram and got rid of their curse after praying to Varadharaja. Perumal granted salvation and said that their soul would reach Him while their mortal would remain in lizard forms in the temple itself.  He also said that, those who worship the lizards would be relieved of all evils, sins, diseases and doshas and Sun and Moon would be the witness for this.

There is a separate shrine for Perundevi Thayar. Goddess Perundevi thayar is so beautiful.The Vimana over the sanctum sanctorum of Devathiraja Perumal is called Punyakoti Vimanam and the one over Perundevi Thayar shrine is called Kalyana Koti Vimanam.

There is a shrine for Chakkarathazwar (Sudarsanar) near the temple tank. 

Other sannidhis: Lord Krishna, Garuda, Andal , Azhwars and acharyans.

Sthala puranam
- Legend says, once Brahma performed a yagna in this place and avoided Saraswathi. Saraswathi took the form of river Vegavathi and flowed fast to wash away the yagna. Vishnu reclined Himself across the river Vegavathi and blocked the flow of the river and helped Brahma to finish his yagna. As the Lord granted boon to Brahma HE is praised as Varadharaja Perumal. After the yajna was over, Perumal appeared from the Yagna kundam(fire of the yagna).

We were blessed to see the Andal purappadu and the Goshti.

This kutti kuthirai was privileged and blessed to come before the goshti in Andal 's purappadu. It was so cute and beautifully dressed.
Special Features: Too many. 

100 pillared mandapam which has beautiful sculptures from Ramayana and Mahabaratha.

Amazing architectural wonder and exquisite carving of a huge rock chain sculpted in a single stone. I was wonderstruck!! The architectural marvels and legends associated need atleast a week to properly experience and explore.

Golden and silver lizards with Sun and Moon on the outer prakara of the sanctum sanctorum.

Anantha theertham.  The ancient 40 feet long, Athi Varadaraja Perumal idol (Lord Varadarajar made out of fig wood) is kept in the silver box and kept immersed in this temple tank called Anantha-Thirtham. This tank is  to the north of the temple with 100 pillars. The wooden idol is in a reclining posture,  is kept at the bed of the tank and is taken out once in 40 years for darshan.

Raising of Athi Varadar:   
The original idol Athi Varadar (Lord Varadarajar made out of fig wood)  is taken out of the temple tank once in every 40 years, kept for darshan to the public for 10 days of worship and then put back in the silver box and immersed in the temple tank. Devotees can have a once in a lifetime experience and take the blessing of original murthi during these 10 days. This event took place in the year 1979. The next will be in the year 2019. Many devotees come to visit this event and take the blessings of Athi Vardaar.

This is the birth place of Swami Vedanta Desikan.

Prasadam - Kanchipuram Idli is a special prasadam available in this temple. 

Nadavavi Kinaru - There is another architectural wonder. Nadavavi kinaru is an underground Step Well Mandapam. This is a big well constructed during Pallava Period. There is a big Mandapam and corridors surrounding on all sides of the underground well. It is an amazing architectural talent. There are steps to get in to the Mandapam. This is a sub terrain well normally filled with water. Water is drained to a certain level so that Varadhar can visit. Beautifully sculpted place, from Vijayanagara times. Close to Ayyangarkulam, about 9 kms. from Kanchipuram. Varadaraja Perumal comes here once during a year on Chithra Pournami and Utsavams are performed here. (I did not go here, but I have seen the utsavam videos). 

Ours was one day yatra pilgrimage and hope to see the Nadavavi kinaru, Udayavar thirumaaligai etc. during another leisure trip to Kanchipuram.

Festival: Brahmotsavam, Vaikasi visaka Garuda sevai, Thiruther festival, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Purattasi saturdays, Chitra pournami.

Temple timings: 6.00 am to 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Sri Devaraja Swamy Temple
Kancheepuram - 631 501.

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